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Nov’23 playlist: Energy & Engineering

Our playlist for November 2023 is about a topic that has become a global urgency in every region and every industry: energy. In order to build stable and sustainable energy systems, we need good engineering and great software. Energy systems are now built into our cities and our buildings, and they depend on systems engineering, AI, IoT, and networks as much as they depend on traditional architecture, engineering and energy production and distribution systems. These books explain the how and the why. Discover, check out, and listen to learn and have fun:

Vaclav Smil: Energy and Civilization
Christopher Alexander: The Timeless Way of Building
Anthony Townsend Smart Cities: Big Data, Civic Hackers, and the Quest for a New Utopia
Bill Nussey: Freeing Energy
Bill Nussey: Freeing Energy
Gretchen Bakke: The Grid
Gretchen Bakke: The Grid
Neil Wilkins: Internet of Things
Richard Rhodes: Energy
Saul Griffith: Electrify
Saul Griffith: Electrify
Vaclav Smil: Power Density
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